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Hi, everyone! Thanks for visiting our site; we hope you find it useful. IEEE stands for Insitute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. As the student branch of this non-profit organization, we try to cultivate the Electrical Engineering option at Caltech.

This site is aimed to inform students of ongoing and upcoming IEEE acitivites on campus. Also, this site provides an easy access to advice from upperclassmen on classes, research, summer internships, and much more. Please feel free to send us feedback if you would like the website to contain any additional information.
New Officers 2014
Branch Chair: Katherine Lai
Vice Branch Chair: Do Hee Kim
Secretary: Aashrita Mangu
Treasurer: Oliver Chen
Webmaster: Matthew Klucher
Corporate Director: Matthew Conroy

Our IEEE Board at the barbecue!!

Our IEEE Board at the fair!
Frosh Talk Slides
Click here to download the Frosh Talk Powerpoint file.
IEEE Membership
Are you a junior or senior in EE at Caltech? You can get reimbursed for your membership for IEEE from the department. Just go to and send a copy of our receipt to Albert Ng at MSC 663. Please remember to get a referral from a current member! Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.
New Officers 2013
Branch Chair: Angad Rekhi
Vice Branch Chair: Andrew Liang
Secretary: Katherine Lai
Treasurer: Jeff Han
Webmaster: Sean Keenan
Corporate Director: Eric Wang
Caltech IEEE Pictures
Here are some lovely pictures of our beloved Moore:
The front of the Moore building: your home for the next four years!
A closer look at Moore's front
A view from the roof of Moore
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Upcoming Events
IEEE Barbecue
WHEN: Mon 06/02 @ 5:00pm
WHERE: Moore Courtyard
Come to the IEEE barbecue Monday! Meet your professors and enjoy freshly grilled burgers!
IEEE Board Elections
Please welcome Katherine Lai as our new Chair, Do Hee Kim as our new Vice Chair, Aashrita Mangu as our new Secretary, Oliver Chen as our new Treasurer, Matthew Klucher as our new webmaster, and Matthew Conroy as our new Corporate Director!
Old News
EE/CS Grad School Applications
WHEN: Thu 05/27 @ 12:00pm
WHERE: 070 Moore
These and many other questions will be addressed next Thursday! Come hear several professors, graduate students, and seniors talk about the grad school application process! We will have a panel for questions and answers. Sandwiches and drinks will be provided!
Southern California Edison
WHEN: Thu 04/07 @ 12:00pm
WHERE: 080 Moore
We will have a guest speaker from SCE coming to talk about their vision of future of the power grid. It should be a great opportunity to hear about smart grid technology that they are implementing / will implement. They will also be soliciting resumes for students looking for jobs. This should be a great event. Please come by and enjoy! Sandwiches and drinks provided from Togos!
EE/CS Industry Panel Discussion
WHEN: Fri 01/21 @ 4pm
WHERE: 105 Annenburg
Guest speaker Will Coulter ('06 BS and '07 MS in EE, Caltech) will be giving a presentation, and several other alumni will lead a panel discussion on working in industry for EE and CS majors. The talk will be followed by dinner (RSVP required) at the Athenaeum, made possible by IEEE and the Alumni Association. All interested IEEE members should email to RSVP at:
EE Frosh Talk
WHEN: Thu 11/18 @ 12pm
WHERE: 070 Moore
The Caltech IEEE Student Branch will be giving a presentation on everything about EE (classes, professors, and the overall experience). There will be upperclassmen in the various EE tracks (digital, analog, nanofabrication, and communications) who will also speak on their experiences. So if you're interested in the EE option, come on Friday at noon to learn more about the classes, when to take them, and ask upperclassmen questions! This talk is especially helpful for freshmen! Sandwiches and drinks will be provided!